Personal data processing

Basic information on personal data protection

Data Controller

Iberpapel Gestión, S.A. TIN: A21248893. Registered address: San Sebastián, Avenida Sancho El Sabio, 2, 20010.

Purpose and legal standing

Iberpapel will process the personal data furnished by shareholders or by custodians for the purposes described below:
In order to fulfil the legal obligations laid down in Royal Decree-Law 1/2010 of 2 July whereby the Consolidated Text of the Spanish Companies Act was introduced:

– Manage the development, fulfilment and control of the shareholder relationship, including the submission of information on shareholder status.

– Manage the calling, holding and disclosure of the General Shareholders’ Meeting, including: (i) attendance at and participation in the meeting; (ii) delegation of representation, if applicable; and (iii) distance voting, if applicable.

– Assure of the proper functioning of the Electronic Shareholder Forum so as to facilitate shareholder communication prior to the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

Iberpapel requests the personal data that are strictly necessary for the aforesaid purposes. Should the required personal data not be furnished, Iberpapel may not carry out the aforementioned actions.

All the above reflects Iberpapel’s legitimate interest in adopting good corporate governance practices that guarantee transparency and accessibility to information on Iberpapel, such as the recording of the General Shareholders’ Meeting.

As regards image rights, we inform you that on attending the General Shareholders’ Meeting the shareholder or representative consents to the taking of photographs, the audiovisual recording of their image and/or voice, and the reproduction and/or posting thereof on Iberpapel’s website.


You guarantee the accuracy of the personal data provided to Iberpapel. In the event that the card for attendance, delegation and voting includes personal data of natural persons other than the shareholder and should a third party attend the General Shareholders’ Meeting, the shareholder must inform them of the matters stated in this announcement in connection with the processing of personal data and meet any other requirements that may apply to the correct assignment of personal data to Iberpapel, the latter not being required to take any other steps with respect to the data subjects. The personal data of these third parties will be processed as stated herein and will be subject to the same conditions and protected on the same legal basis as the shareholders’ data.

Storage period

The data storage period will depend on the specific legal obligation requiring us to keep them. You are advised that the data may be communicated to third parties exercising the right of information provided by the Spanish Companies Act or may be publicly accessible due to being included in documents available on the website as stipulated herein.


Personal data will not be assigned to third parties unless required by law.

The international assignment of personal data is not envisaged in any event.

Iberpapel may allow certain service providers access to the personal data, in which case they will be data processors.

Exercise of rights

We remind you that your rights of access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing and, when your personal data are processed on the basis of legitimate interest, the right of objection, may be exercised at any time at Avenida Sancho el Sabio, 2 de San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa – 20010) (Spain) or at the following email address:, attaching a copy of your national identity card or other identity document.

A claim may also be filed at the Spanish Data Protection Agency should you consider that your rights have been infringed (

Additional information

Additional detailed information on the personal data protection policy may be consulted in the following link: legal-notice.

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