Iberpapel is an integrated paper group committed
to quality service and the environment, and one
of the leading players in Spain's printing and writing
paper market


The Iberpapel Group began with the company Papelera Guipuzcoana de Zicuñaga S.A.U., which was set up in Hernani (Guipúzcoa) in 1935 and has since engaged in paper manufacture and marketing, primarily printing and writing paper.

Iberpapel was floated on the stock market in 1997. The Group has an international leaning , with operations in Europe, South America and the north of Africa.

The business model is based on a production process fused with industrial flexibility, productivity and cost leadership, sustainability and respect for the environment.

Grupo Iberpapel

Iberpapel and its subsidiaries are an integrated group engaged directly in all areas of the paper manufacturing process:

  • Forestry activity on over 14,610 hectares of land in Spain and Argentina.
  • Manufacture of cellulose fibre in the Hernani (Guipúzcoa) plant, which has an annual capacity of 240,000 tonnes.
  • Production and marketing of paper, with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year.
  • Generation of 60 MWh of power.
Grupo Iberpapel
Grupo Iberpapel

The Iberpapel Group believes in sustainable development and assures that its economic, environmental and social goals go hand in hand.

Our commitment is based on sustainable forestry management, the use of best available techniques and the optimisation of energy efficiency.


  • Sound financial position.
  • Highly-integrated production process.
  • Manufacturing to order.
  • Productivity and flexibility leadership.
  • Alternative energy sources.
  • Emphasis on sustainability, transparency and respect for the environment.
  • Investment effort.
Fact Sheet
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Clean balance sheet

The Iberpapel Group has a healthy financial situation assuring competitive shareholder returns while undertaking investments to stimulate future growth.

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Highly-integrated production process

Our subsidiary (Papelera Guipuzcoana de Zicuñaga, S.A.U.) has a paper mill and a cellulose plant. The cellulose plant produces virtually all the pulp needed in the paper mill. The company also has a biomass gas cogeneration power plant that supplies heat to the industrial process and electricity to the grid.

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Make-to-order manufacturing

Make-to-order production, allowing:

    • Improved pricing.
    • Guaranteed sale of all products.
    • High degree of customer satisfaction.
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Productivity and efficiency leadership

Insistence on cost control to boost productivity leadership.

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Low-carbon energy sources

Major effort to use energy technologies that have a lower environmental impact.
Implementation of the Climate Change Policy.

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Emphasis on sustainability, transparency and environmental respect

Commitment to integrating Sustainability Commission into business strategy as a factor that enhances competitiveness and strengthens stakeholder confidence.
Pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals through our three business divisions.

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Investment effort

Continuous investments throughout the Group’s history, making annual improvements to the industrial and environmental technology used in facilities.

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Research, development and innovation

Continuous search for new products that will bring growth opportunities.


Forestry Division

The forestry companies have forestry assets on 14,610 hectares of land in Spain and Argentina.

All the properties are forested mainly with Eucalyptus Globulus ssp Globulus Labill.

Industrial Division

The industrial company in Hernani (Guipúzcoa), Papelera Guipuzcoana de Zicuñaga, S.A.U., owns two integrated plants, one making cellulose and the other paper, so that all our paper is made using cellulose produced by the same plant, plus a power plant.

Manufacture of cellulose fibre with an annual capacity of 240,000 tonnes.

Production and marketing of paper, with a capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year.

Generation of 60 MWh of power.


Commercial Division

The Iberpapel Group operates in the European printing and writing paper market.

The Commercial Division’s main feature is flexibility, so it is well prepared to adapt and maximise profitability.

Commercial management is at the heart of Iberpapel’s entire production process, since the Group only manufactures to order.

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