Bylaws, Regulations and Policies

Bylaws, Regulations and Policies


The General Meeting of Shareholders dated 04/28/2022, approved the modification of articles 21 of the Bylaws. It was raised to public deed before the Notary of Madrid, Doña Cristina Caballería Martel, on 06/02/2022, protocol number 2240, and registered in the Guipúzcoa Mercantile Registry on 07/08/2022.

Board Regulations

The Board of Directors dated 02/25/2021, approved the amendment of articles 10º, 11º and 15º of the Regulations of the Board of Directors. It was raised to public deed before the Notary of Madrid, Mr. Joaquín M. Rovira Perea, dated 03/05/2021, protocol number 426 and registered in the province of Guipuzcoa dated 03/22/2021.

Annual General Meeting Regulations

The latest amendment to the Regulations governing the General Shareholders’ Meeting registered was approved by the General Meeting on 06/29/2021. It was executed in a public deed before the Notary of Madrid, Mr Joaquín M. Rovira Perea, on 07/30/2021, under protocol number 1,351, registered in the Mercantile Register of Guipúzcoa on 08/24/2021.

General Code of Conduct

Remunerations Policy

Shareholder Communication Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Anti-Corruption Policy

Climate Change Policy

Interest Group Relations Policy

General Meetings Premium Policy

Policy for the Selection of Directors and Diversity of the Board of Directors

Risk Control and Management Policy

Purchasing Policy

Shareholder Agreements

To date of December 31, 2017, the Company has not been notified of the existence of any agreements between its shareholders.

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