Net profit at Iberpapel climbs 6%

Net profit at Iberpapel climbs 6%

Iberpapel’s revenue increased by 54.04% year-on-year in the first half of 2022 to €163.93 million. That topline performance was enabled by the implementation of price adjustments in response to the prevailing market situation.

EBITDA registered growth of 3.68% to €14.83 million, while net profit was 6.11% higher year-on-year at €7.54 million.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has tensed the market, triggering unprecedented increases in energy, logistics and raw material costs. Moreover, the recent regulatory changes introduced by Spain’s Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenges, which impact the energy market and have prompted much of the industrial sector to idle their co-generation facilities, are impacting the manufacturing sector and the national energy system as a whole.

(€ million) 1H22 1H21
Revenue 163.93 106.42
EBITDA 14.83 14.30
Profit after tax 7.54 7.10

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