Iberpapel’s net profit soars 222% in 2010

Iberpapel’s net profit soars 222% in 2010

Iberpapel generated a record €22.64 million in net profit in 2010, EBITDA climbed 84% year-on-year to €40.38 million, The upswing in demand, coupled with heavy investing in recent years, underpinned, this healthy business performance.

Iberpapel’s net profit rose by 222% in 2010 to €22.64 million. EBITDA, meanwhile, was 84% higher year-on-year, at €40.38 million.

This strong business and earnings performance was underpinned by favourable trends in
paper prices, enhanced energy efficiency, cost control and the group’s strong financial

Revenue at Iberpapel rose 15.4% on 2009 to over €208.57 million. The company
continued to repay debt throughout 2010. By year-end, the leverage ratio had fallen to

(€ million) 31/12/2010 31/12/2009
Revenue 208.57 180.76
EBITDA 40.38 21.93
Profit after tax 22.64 7.03

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