Iberpapel reports net profit of €22.9 million

Iberpapel reports net profit of €22.9 million

Iberpapel’s net profit rose by 1% in 2011 to €22.87 million. EBITDA, was 1.15%
higher year-on-year, at €40.84 million.

Revenues at Iberpapel rose 2.56% over 2010 up to €213.91 million. Throughout 2011
the company forged ahead with its debt repayment program, achieving net cash balance
by year-end (leverage ratio: -5.58%).

The positive business and earnings performance was underpinned by favourable trends
in paper prices, the cost control policy and the group’s strong financial situation.

(€ million) 2011 2010
Revenue 213.91 208.57
EBITDA 40.84 40.38
Profit after tax 22.87 22.64

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