Iberpapel reports net profit of €17.4 million

Iberpapel reports net profit of €17.4 million

Iberpapel’s net profit amounted to €17.4 million in 2012. EBITDA, meanwhile, was
€33.05 million.

Revenue from sales rose 1.04% year-on-year to €216.13 million. Group revenue totalled
€221.18 million.

Iberpapel continued to reinforce its financial structure. The ratio of net cash to equity
had improved to – 11.24% at year-end. Cash and cash equivalents stood at €27 million
at 31 December 2012, up from €14 million at year-end 2011.

At a meeting held on 27 February 2013, the Board of Directors of Iberpapel agreed to
propose the partial distribution of the share premium account to shareholders, in the
amount of €0.25 per share, for approval at the next Annual General Meeting. Adding
this final dividend to the €0.25 per share interim dividend paid out on 18 February 2013
implies total shareholder remuneration in 2013 of €0.50 per share.

In turn, this implies a dividend yield of 3.82% with respect to the closing share price of
31 December 2012 (€13.10).

(€ million) 2012 2011
Revenue 216.13 213.91
EBITDA 33.05 40.84
Profit after tax 17.4 22.87

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