Iberpapel posts €7 million profit in 2009

Iberpapel posts €7 million profit in 2009

The cost control and energy efficiency measures adopted in 2009 enable the Iberpapel
Group to overcome the slump in sector demand and prices in 2009.

Iberpapel has successfully overcome the challenging situation engulfing the paper industry,
characterised by a significant slump in demand and prices for paper products. This trend was
evidenced in virtually all European markets, with Spain, the UK and France among the nations
hardest hit.

The company managed to post a similar performance in 2009 to that of 2008, above all thanks
to its cost cutting efforts, the energy efficiency program rolled out and its flexible sales and
marketing policy. As a result, net profit totalled €7 million in 2009 (€7.5 million in 2008), while
revenue came in at €180.8 million (2008: €182.9 million).

(€ million) Year ended
Year ended
Revenue 180.76 182.86
EBITDA 21.94 17.41
Profit after tax 7.03 7.48

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