Board of Directors

Denomination Position First appointed Last appointed Category of director % Total (*)
Echevarría Canales, Iñigo Chairman 21-07-1997 25-04-2019 Executive 2,14
Basterra Larroude, Néstor Vice-chairman 21-10-1997 25-04-2019 Others external 1,44
Alberdi Areizaga, Jesús Vocal 02-01-2014 23-06-2020 Non-executive independent 0,01
Usandizaga Aranzadi, Iñaki Vocal 21-10-1997 25-04-2019 Externo dominical 0,24
González del Valle Chávarri, Martín María  Vocal 22-02-2005 25-04-2019 Others external 0,00
Guibert Ucín, María Luisa Vocal 01-01-2010 23-06-2020 Others external 0,01
Martínez Peñalba, Iñaki Counselor Coordinator 22-09-2011 24-04-2018 Non-executive proprietary 0,15
Sanz García, Rosa María Vocal 23-06-2020 23-06-2020 Non-executive independent 0,00
Urtasun Erro, Fermín Vocal 25-02-2021 25-02-2021 Executive 0,04

The Secretary of the Board (who is not a director) Mr. Eduardo Muela Rodríguez.

Each of the directors has held office uninterruptedly since the date of first appointment indicated in the table above.

(*) This information corresponds to the percentage of participation in society notified by the Director.

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