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Sound financial situation

Iberpapel group

In a year that was particularly challenging, due to the correction in pulp prices and the economic slowdown around the world, eroding demand for printing and writing paper, Iberpapel posted a net profit of €21.7 million, down 14% year-on-year. 

The Group was also affected by the strike in the paper sector in Guipuzcoa in June and July.

In this complex environment, Iberpapel defended its EBITDA reasonably well: at €37 million, 2019 EBITDA was 9.57% lower than in 2018. Revenue amounted to €213.5 million, down a slight 3.44% from the €221.1 million recorded in 2018.


(€ million) 2019 2018
Revenue 213.47 221.07
EBITDA 36.99 40.91
Profit after tax 21.68 25.21


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