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The slowdown in the European and global economies, the correction in pulp prices and the strike action taken during the first few days of July had a direct impact on the Iberpapel Group's third-quarter earnings. Specifically, its net profit decreased by 2.79% from €17.6 million in 9M18 to €17.11 million in 9M19.

Revenue amounted to €166.19 million, down 0.28% year-on-year, due mainly to a drop in electricity sales prices, which more than offset higher paper and timber sales prices. EBITDA decreased by 1.46% from €29.33 million to €28.90 million in 9M19.

Despite the above-mentioned external factors, Iberpapel defended its profitability reasonably well, while its revenue barely changed year-on-year.

(€ million) 9M19 9M18
Revenue 166.19 166.65
EBITDA 28.90 29.33
Profit after tax 17.11 17.60


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