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Investment effort

Emphasis on sustainability

and the environment


of alternative energy sources


and cost leadership

High degree of production

processs integration

Manufacturing to order

Sound financial situation

Iberpapel group

Grupo Iberpapel's net profit amounted to €22.91 million in 2017, growth of 13.93% from 2016 (€20.10 million). EBITDA, meanwhile, was 3.67% higher year-on-year at €36.91 million (2016: €35.60 million).

Consolidated sales revenue was 7.51% higher year-on-year at €217.05 million (€201.89 million in 2016).

These results were enabled by growth of 6.02% in revenue from paper sales, in turn driven by higher sales volumes, and, to a lesser extent, the slight growth (1.5%) in the average sales price.


(€ million) 2017 2016
Revenue 217.05 201.89
EBITDA  36.91 35.60
Profit after tax 22.91 20.10


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