Apr, 22. 2016

Earnings at the Iberpapel Group rose considerably in the first quarter of 2016: net profit increased by 91% year-on-year to €3.5 million (1Q15: €1.83 million).

Apr, 21. 2016

In the wake of yesterday's Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors of Iberpapel has approved the payment of a dividend in the amount of €0.65 per share (before withholding tax). Of this total, €0.30 per share has already been paid out to the Company's shareholders in the form of an interim dividend, leaving payment of a final dividend of €0.35 per share pending; this dividend will be paid from 4 May 2016.

Feb, 26. 2016

Grupo Iberpapel's net profit amounted to €16.1 million in 2015, growth of 76.83% from 2014 (€9.1 million). EBITDA, meanwhile, came in at €31.5 million, up 20.20% yearon- year.

Oct, 30. 2015

The Iberpapel Group delivered a much better earnings performance in the first nine months of 2015, with net profit of 10.27 million euros, up 67% from the same period last year (6.15 million euros).

Jul, 29. 2015

The Iberpapel Group's first-half results evidence clear earnings momentum: at €5.49 million, net profit jumped 75.82% year-on-year (1H14: €3.12 million).

Apr, 23. 2015

Iberpapel Group presented a healthy earnings performance in the first quarter of the year, reporting net profit of €1.83 million (compared to €0.6 million in 1Q14).

Feb, 27. 2015

Grupo Iberpapel's net profit amounted to €9.1 million in 2014, marking growth of 25.27% from 2013, despite the adverse impact of the recently passed electricity sector reforms. EBITDA, meanwhile, was €26.2 million, up 19.97% from 2013.

Oct, 27. 2014

Iberpapel Group generated net profit of €6.2 million during the first nine months of the year 2014. Revenue during the first three quarters was €150.8 million, while EBITDA amounted to €16.9 million.

Jul, 24. 2014

The recovery in paper prices drove a pronounced improvement in the Group’s first-half earnings compared to the first quarter of 2014, when it earned €0.62 million. The paper maker continues to evaluate the impact of the electricity sector reforms passed in the Ministerial Order of 17 June 2014.

May, 06. 2014

The adverse situation in the paper market, coupled with application of the draft ministerial order enacting Spanish Royal Decree-Law 9/2013 of 12 July on electricity sector reform, had a material impact on Iberpapel’s first-quarter 2014 earnings.

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